Orange Revolution


Team work presentation based on The Orange Revolution and how a great team can transform an entire organization.


A.    HMAS Dechanieux – 20 seconds and death of all crew members.

B.    Why Care?

  • Book by Gostick and Elton.
  • 350,000 interviews from over 28 industries to compile data on best places to work in US and Canada.
  •  Interviews were conducted since 2000 during worst economic climate in modern history.
  • Data shows what makes great companies great – not super people but SUPER practices.

C.    Agenda

1.     The Cause: WOW, No Suprises, Cheer

2.     Basic 4 + Recognition: Goal-Setting, Communication, Trust, Accountability + Recognition

3.     Team we forget

II. The Cause

1.     WOW


Dreams are bigger than GOALS. No boundaries, rules…

(1)   IPOD initiative launched in 1997.. so what? Apple lost $816M in 1996 and they put their emphasis on the IPOD…. It was the IPOD success that made the IPHONE and IPAD a reality…

(2)   Zappos – woman calls to return shoes that were a present for her husband who was killed.

2.     No Surprises

a)     Communication, Communication, Communication

b)     Video of Blue Angel interview 1MIN

3.     Cheer

a)     Research shows this is one of the key practices that unlock commitment, drive, loyalty and success…

b)     Cheer is extremely powerful and unifies people

c)     Sporting event, thousands and millions of people cheer for people they don’t personally know

III. BASIC 4 + Recognition

A.    GOAL SETTING- Know where you are going

B.    COMMUNICATION- Wise use of mouth AND ears.

Silence is golden. Not according to research. Is the death of team building.

C.    TRUST- Believe in others

Claremont University study shows that when trust in community is below 30% poverty rates increase… Think of poor areas where there is high crime… Same is true in companies.

D.    Accountability – Others believe in you

E.    Recognition – Appreciate other’s strengths

According to US Dept. Labor – #1 reason people leave a job is lack of recognition

Michelangelo- “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved to set him free.”

John Maxwell, “Open communication fosters trust. Your goal should be to speak truthfully but kindly to teammates”

IV.  The Most Important Team

A.    Family

1.     The Big Picture

Schools, Sports Team, Office have goals… Does your marriage?

When’s the last time you WOW’ed your spouse? Son? Daughter?

Does your family have a mission statement?

2.     Duke University Study:

(1)   The average American family has less than 45 minutes of uninterrupted time daily…
(2)   Most families today ID themselves as “TV and digital family” over “caring/loving”
(3)   3% read together
(4)   2% help kids with their homework

3.     The Incredibles

Start of movie Mr. Incredible is burned  out… Angry… Then they discover the power of unity and using their powers together as a team….

V. Go make the world Orange…

1.     The Cause: WOW, No Suprises, Cheer

2.     Basic 4 + Recognition: Goal-Setting, Communication, Trust, Accountability + Recognition